Adwitiya Movies

Crafting Films To Perfection

Adwitiya Movies

Crafting Films To Perfection

Adwitiya Movies

Crafting Films To Perfection

Adwitiya Movies

Crafting Films To Perfection

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Adwitiya Movies Private Limited had been formed to produce the small budget content oriented movies with an intent to promote the aspiring debutants and make the movies that are close to the hearts of the movie lovers with innovative stories and out-of-box themes.

AMPL wishes to explore new talent as a part of all their projects.



Our vision at Adwitiya Movies is to become a leading film production studio that empowers creative voices and delivers high-quality, impactful stories to audiences worldwide through OTT platforms. We strive to be a catalyst for change in the entertainment industry by embracing innovation and producing compelling content that challenges conventions and inspires new perspectives. With a focus on small budget movies, we aim to make meaningful contributions to the growth and evolution of the Indian film industry, while nurturing talent and fostering collaboration. Our ultimate goal is to connect with viewers on a deep and emotional level, and to leave a lasting imprint on the cultural landscape.”


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Released on 26th May 2023 – Censored

Hatha Vidhi

Ready For Release


Released on 22nd OCT 2023 on ETV Win

Choo Manthar

Currently Shooting

Project 5



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The team, organisation, communication and final output are excellent. We have and would recommend their services both to direct clients and agencies wishing to partner with a professional, responsive company.”

– Rajesh, Creative Media

“AdwitiyaMovies really cared about our project and getting it right. Our video included a service user telling his story and I was so impressed with how sensitively he was treated.”
– Sukumar, Producer

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+91 8143247445


We encourage young talent to share your thoughts and ideas with Us. Share your ideas to us through Google Drive.

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