About Us

Venkata Kiran Kumar Kallakuri

Venkata Kiran Kumar Kallakuri, an Engineer by education and a C-Suite Executive in the companies of repute, out of passion for movies is the key behind the formation of Adwitiya Movies Private Limited. With an eye for perfection and the creativity, Kiran is functioning as a Managing Director for the company.

Hema Madhuri Kallakuri

Hema Madhuri Kallakuri, an IT engineer by profession, with Masters in IT and Business Administration, having passion for creativity and Art is instrumental in the formation of AMPL. She plays pivotal role in the identification and finalisation of the Cast & Crew.

Sridevi Kallakuri

Sridevi Kallakuri, a Doctorate in Telugu with a flair for teaching and an extensive reader of Telugu mythology, is a Director of AMPL who works on scripts in close coordination with the Script Writers.