Spy thriller Grey’s trailer is surprisingly edgy!

‘Grey’ is an upcoming movie starring Arvind Krishna of ‘Rishi’ fame. Also featuring Ali Reza in a key role, this one is directed by Raj Madiraju. Made as a black-n-white movie, the thriller’s trailer was released today.

Coming with the caption ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’, the film’s story revolves around two male and two female characters. “Grey is the first black-and-white movie in two decades. The output is fabulous. I thank the entire team,” director Raj Madiraju said.

Arvind Krishna said, “I am fond of acting and basketball. I am happy that the trailer of ‘Grey’ is being released during the Elite Pro Basketball league. This is a special movie to me. And I have also resolved to do a film in the backdrop of the basketball game in the future.”

Actress Urvasi Rai said, “This spy thriller is full of twists. I thank the team for making my first film so special.”