Top Indian Songs of the week – 20th March 2022

The spy who loved me (#2 Top Indian Songs of the week – 20th March 2022)

It is strange how for the last 2 years or more that I have been tracking Indian music, and I only have heard of a Flute exponent called Lalit Talluri. Finally I come to know of his father a flute genius himself and guru of Lalit , Shri Nagaraju Talluri. He is also a composer and this track is testament to his skill bringing the world of Jazz into the Tollywood’s doorstep. The song also has a very Jazz like name maybe reflecting a James Bond Saga. If you thought the music is world class, listen to the vocals by Indian Idol performer Shanmukha Priya , as she just nails it with perfection. This is never an easy genre to sing as there is much demanded vocally but she is up to it and beats expectations as well. Lalit Talluri himself plays the woodwinds for his dad’s composition and the entire family of woodwinds, like the flute, bassoon, clarinet etc. is on display here right from the beginning. The Keys and gentle percussion add a very nice color just like the harmonies. The flagbearer is Shanmukha Priya with her incomparably good vocals and she flirts with that falsetto so much and so well that you just end up closing your eyes and nodding your head in appreciation. Kittu Vissapragada is the lyricist and the lovely guitars are played by Joel Sastry. The mixing and mastering responsibilities are taken over by Vinay Kumar, while Sathrian R does the Keyboard programming.